• Youth Work

    Liz Dean Consultancy has teamed up with Laura Clark, a very experienced Sex Educator to advocate for the sex and relationship rights of people with learning disabilities.   This is often a sensitive challenging area yet fundamental to ensuring positive health and well being.

    We can offer training to staff on the following areas in relation to learning disability; sex and the law; capacity and consent and translating policy into practice.  We aim to build staff’s confidence and competence in addressing and responding to issues arising in a practical way – such as public vs. private behaviour; appropriate touching, developing and maintaining healthy personal relationships, sexualisation and issues relating to pornography, talking about personal relationships and sexuality (PRS) with your clients, contraception needs, STIs, sexual health, and sexual orientation.

    Our work in Sussex includes delivering training to staff at St Johns School and College; Barnados; Cherish Youth Club; YMCA; Extratime and the Community Learning Disability Team.  We can offer bespoke training sessions to suit your requirements.  We would build in consulting with staff beforehand to ascertain needs arising and current examples of practice relevant to training.

    We can also support the delivery of PRS education on the above issues in a style that is accessible to your residents using current evidence based high quality resources. Contact us for more information.

    Pornography courses:

    Visit the FPA for further details and information on how to book : www.fpa.org.uk

    I am happy to be contacted for more information on my work in the area of pornography and its impact. I often work with the media in supporting the research into television documentaries in this area. For example: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programme...

    These are some other examples of recent courses I have developed and delivered:

  • Course 1

    Teenage Pregnancy & Substance Misuse Training for Social Work Practitioners (1 day course) 


    To enable social work practitioners to gain more awareness, knowledge and confidence in tackling teenage pregnancy and substance misuse and have clarity regarding their role and responsibilities with Looked After Young People according to local and national guidance & good practice


    • Understand the issues and needs of young people in relation to teenage pregnancy , substance misuse and being a young parent, with specific issues for Looked After Young People and vulnerable young people
    • Feel clear regarding your role and responsibility in the agenda and have improved confidence in making assessments, delivering interventions and in referring on.
    • Explore what can influence our interventions with young people and how we can achieve the most effective outcomes with the young person
    • To have an improved knowledge of the support services and referral routes in place for teenage pregnancy, young parents and substance misuse.
  • Course 2

    Thrills, spills & pills: Sex, drugs, alcohol and young people. (1 day course)


    Increasingly practitioners working with young people are becoming aware that their alcohol use has direct links with their sexual activity. As well as enabling easier interaction on a social level alcohol use lowers inhibitions and sometimes causes young people to do things they would not do had they not been drinking. Regret features largely in young peoples description of sexual activity when they have been drinking. This course aims to look at young peoples alcohol consumption, risk taking, and how this is affected by alcohol, and the sexual activity that ensues. It also aims to support practitioners formulate strategies and interventions to work with young people around these issues.   Aim The purpose of this course is to enhance participants understanding of key issues and links between sexual activity and alcohol use, to increase their confidence in addressing these issues with young people.   Learning Outcomes At the end of this course, participants will have:

    • an understanding of current research and resources around young peoples sexual activity and alcohol use.increased awareness of the links between alcohol use and sexual activity
    • explored values and attitudes towards risk taking behaviour
    • gained practical tools to support their work with young people around alcohol use and sexual activity
  • Course 3

     R U Ready? Supporting Young People to consider their readiness for sexual relationships   


    Many young people continue to report high levels of regret associated with their first sexual experiences. The earlier young people have sex means they are less likely to be engaging in consensual sex and less likely to practice safer sex leaving them emotionally vulnerable and at risk of STIs or an unplanned pregnancy.   Aim 

    At the end of this course, participants will;

    • Have a greater awareness on the issues and pressures on young people to become sexually active and the reasons why early sex happens
    • Understand why early sex is a problem
    • Gain confidence and practical strategies to help & support young people delay sex & be more assertive in saying no to unwanted sex

    Overview: current youth worker role (link to the youth collective website).  What I can offer – one off sessions, a series of sessions / workshops, 1-1 work; youth worker training. – overview of the current programme delivered for BH. 

    Link to IYW.