• Sex and Relationships

    I have recently been working on behalf of the Brighton & Hove Healthy Schools Team and I have developed a teaching pack covering the impact and influence of the media and pornography on young people's sexualisation. I developed this resource in partnership with local teachers and in consultation with young people. It was launched and distributed in January 2011 in Brighton & Hove. 

  • The FPA are selling it nationally and all previous participants on the FPA 'Fantasy vs Reality' Course will be eligible to receive a copy - these will be distributed directly from the FPA. Please contact the FPA for enquiries.

    See http://www.fpa.org.uk/professi... This resource allows teachers and other practitioners to confidently deliver a series of lesson plans / sessions exploring the influence and impact of the media, the internet and pornography on sexual attitudes and the behaviour of young people.   The pack contains 5 lesson plans, differentiated for Key Stage 3 (14-15 yr olds) and Key Stage 4 (15-16 yr olds).